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Sarantos' passion for music began before he knew what the word passion meant. He began writing lyrics as a small child while "people watching" in his mom and pop's family diner. That is to say, when he wasn't working and helping his mom and pop at the diner as a cook, dishwasher, waiter or cashier! In those days, he always had a pad of paper, loose-leaf sheet, or even a napkin to feverishly write down lyrics. As technology evolved, his iPhone, iPad, and computer have gladly become the recipients of those lyrics. Do you have any idea how long it took to digitize all those songs??

Sarantos love of music is profound. His lyrics express his love of people and the world around him. While life is fraught with many challenges, it also offers many blessings. His songs span an entire spectrum of emotion. And lest he take himself too seriously, Sarantos has a pretty wicked sense of humor. You may recognize this in some of his more lighthearted lyrics, facebook or twitter posts, and even in a random music video or two...

Whether a particular song or lyric is deep, serious or lighthearted, most people would agree that it is something they can relate to as people of this planet.

Please enjoy Sarantos music...

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Not Where I Wanna Be (1st Book)
Sarantos is a solo music artist who started a unique journey in 2014 releasing a song, music video & book chapter every month. He plans on doing this every month until the day he dies. Although he is a singer-songwriter, his true passion is lyrics so Sarantos decided to do something no other musician has ever done before! He wrote this 1st fiction/fantasy book mirroring each chapter after the specific song released that month. In this fiction/fantasy book, Sarantos is a young human male born on Earth, but currently residing in the home of Wallis on the world of Yarrowtopia. He is 30 years old with dark curly hair and a sensitive nature. He writes lyrics and plays guitar...

Close Your Eyes (2nd Book)
Close your Eyes is the 2nd book to the fiction fantasy trilogy by Sarantos. Sarantos continues his epic adventure with his motley crew of companions entering into the past via a vortex and appearing as if by magic on the Marie Celeste - prompting a new hypothesis on just why the famed historic ship was found afloat and empty. Upon their return from this short adventure, Sarantos, Brad & Wallis find themselves in a new conflict against the Metalists. The Metalists seem determined to take control of Yarrowtopia in their bid to source new life-giving sustenance. Having foolishly depleted their own natural resources in ways that ironically the human mind of Sarantos is all too familiar with, the group tries to survive their encounter with these deadly creatures. They can take on human form as if by will and are undetectable as Metalists except by the elves! Can they locate them all in time to prevent Yarrowtopia from losing all of its inhabitants? The race is on..

Pain of the Past (3rd Book)
Pain of the Past is the 3rd book to the fiction fantasy trilogy by Sarantos. Sarantos continues his epic adventure with his motley crew of companions relentlessly searching for a cure for Sergio. During their adventure, Sarantos, Wallis and the rest of the gang find themselves in many strange worlds, lose a member of their close-knit group and find a long-lost surprising blast from the past. The thrilling conclusion continues to reveal surprises around every corner including a hidden island painted in orange and black. Will they help Sergio find a cure as they race against time? Why is the end full of bubbles?

Your SMile (4th Book)
Your SMile is the 1st book in a new fiction fantasy trilogy by Sarantos. Sarantos starts this epic adventure with his faithful crew of companions on a discreet space mission trying to prevent an all-out war. During their quest, Sarantos falls madly in love with his Lieutenant, Addie Stuart, and the whole crew find themselves in an unexpectedly suspenseful setting. The thrilling conflict reveals surprises around every corner including siren warriors who seems invincible. Will they be able to help the innocent while racing against time? Will everyone survive?

Rock The Vibe (5th Book)
Rock The Vibe is the 2nd book in a new fiction fantasy trilogy by Sarantos. Sarantos continues on this space adventure with his loyal team. Lieutenant Addie Stuart is on death's door step and only a miracle can save her. The mystery of Kitara continues to unravel as both captain and crew are shocked to slowly and painfully uncover her true nature and intentions. The thrilling conflict reveals surprises around every corner including Garnash who seems sinister and cunning. Will Sarantos be able to help save the innocents and keep the Federation intact while racing against time? Will Addie survive ?

Happy New Year (6th Book)
Happy New Year is the 3rd book in a new fiction fantasy trilogy by Sarantos. Sarantos keeps rocking on this space adventure with his loyal team and lover, Lieutenant Addie Stuart. Mystery and adventure lurk around every corner, leaving both Captain and crew in a constant state of anxiety. The thrilling resolution to this trilogy reveals quite an unexpected shock. Will Sarantos and his crew recover from this adventure?


Not Where I Wanna Be (1st Album)
Sarantos debut album has gotten rave reviews by industry insiders and was released in November 2014. The album was very different from most albums available today and includes many interactive and audiovisual elements not commonly seen anywhere else.

Happiest Time Of The Year (Christmas Album)
Sarantos 1st Christmas CD is a wonderful collection of 4 brand new original Christmas songs, 10 covers of Christmas classics and 9 inspirational Christmas short stories. Families will enjoy listening to this CD every Christmas season...

Close Your Eyes (2nd Album)
This 2nd album will continue to push the limits of musical diversity and should make a nice follow up to Sarantos debut album, Not Where I Wanna Be...

Best Solo Instrumentals (Vol. 1)
This instrumental CD has 14 different tracks and was a surprise release. Sarantos thought to challenge himself to make them with only one instrument at a time, thus creating solo instrumentals that set a strong mood for your movies.

Pain Of The Past (3rd Album)
This 3rd album expands on Sarantos unique signature style that merges 80s rock with modern pop rock music while continuing the edgy experimentation! Top songs include Dreamer, Valentine's Day, The Silence Doesn't Bother Me and A Halloween Song.

Best Movie Instrumentals (Vol. 1)
Sarantos tackles various genres & moods with this full instrumental CD, another surprise CD for his fans. Music supervisors everywhere are rejoicing.

Your SMile (4th Album)
The 4th album goes full pop rock with lyrics & vocals that transcend anything Sarantos has ever done before. Top songs include The First 5 Seconds, Why Ask Why, Above The Clouds & Tonight.

Best TV Show Instrumentals (Vol. 1)
Sarantos releases another surprise CD for his fans and TV music supervisors with multiple various genres & moods with 14 full instrumental songs.

Rock The Vibe (5th Album)
This CD is about rock n' roll. I love all kinds of music and I've tried to tackle almost every genre imaginable. I've even taken different elements & styles and combined them in unique and creative ways. However, even though I strongly believe my signature style is merging 80s rock with modern pop and rock music, my passion runs deep for rock. It's an overlooked genre especially nowadays! I don't think it should be...

Best Sleep Music Instrumentals (Vol. 1)
This CD is for anyone who's ever been tortured while trying to fall asleep. I feel really bad for them. It's tough to survive, let alone function properly without getting enough sleep. Laying in bed (or on the couch) trying hard to relax...eventually overthinking it as the anxiety inevitably kicks in. It's a vicious loop. I hope this Sleep CD is able to help them out. I am dedicating this CD to them! Press play and relax and forget about your day, your worries, forget about it all. Just breath and relax.

Happy New Year(6th Album)
This CD is about me coming into my own as a solo music artist in year #6. I've loved every part of my journey so far, even all the scams I've fallen for and going from knowing nothing about the music industry to learning a little bit more each and every day. I continue to experiment in creative ways as I learn what works and what doesn't. I finally figured out what vocal melody is and what makes it boring and uninteresting. Making progress on this slow climb to the top takes dedication. But as I've said from the beginning, I'm never gonna stop!

Best Funeral Instrumentals (Vol. 1)
This CD is about death. Death is difficult. Ultimately, it's something we will all deal with at some point in our lives. This CD is for anyone who's ever had to deal with death or been to a funeral. I thought I'd make an instrumental CD of funeral music for memorial services and even for a loved one to listen to while grieving. I hope this Instrumental Funeral CD is able to help out. I am dedicating this CD to the people I've lost in my life including my dad and grandparents! Press play and use this music to remember your loved one too...