Where music comes to life...

Where music comes to life...


1. I'll sign it and add a personal message just for you.

2. You'll get a personal email from me with a link where you can download, legally own and be able share with my permission all of the following:

  • All my music videos in HD quality

  • Instrumental versions of all those songs,

  • Signed lyric sheets for all those songs

  • A personal shout-out on any of my social media pages you want (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) from me to only you for all the world to see!

  • A video thank you to all the fans that purchase the CD

  • Five signed digital photos of me (don't use them for target practice please)
  • One free entry for the opportunity to win a special one of a kind limited edition Sarantos T-shirt with your name on it.

  • One free entry for the opportunity to win a 30 minute private Skype session with me where you can basically ask me anything you want

  • One free entry for the opportunity to win a signed microphone I actually used to record one of the songs (name of the song will be signed onto the microphone)

  • One free entry for the opportunity to win a Free dinner with me at Wildfire in Glenview, IL in the USA. Bring any 2 people you want. My treat on dinner but travel expenses excluded.

  • One free entry for the opportunity to win and join me on a music video shoot for one day and get ready to be an actor/actress. You get to be in a real live music video! The video will be for one of the future songs. And yes, I'll treat to lunch and dinnerbut travel expenses excluded.

3. Because you know you really want to! Besides it's a limited edition signed exclusive and price includes USPS shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

** Must purchase before Jan 15th 2023. Winners will be notified by Jan 30th 2023.

** I checked everywhere I could and I have not seen any artist ever give away all of this to anyone who purchased their CD - songs, videos, instrumentals, lyrics sheets, chance to have dinner with me, be in a music video etc. Let me know what else you think would be a cool perk as I am always looking to please my fans and be on the cutting edge of revolutionizing the music industry...

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